Outdoor Warning System

Outdoor Early Warning Siren System

The City of Saginaw outdoor early warning siren system consists of nine (9) outdoor warning sirens located throughout the city that are designed to inform residents who are outside of a possible emergency. The sirens can be activated individually, but in most cases they are activated simultaneously for a city-wide emergency. The outdoor warning sirens are part of an emergency system designed to provide immediate and valuable information to citizens. The system is not designed to alert those who are inside a residence, business, or other type of structure.

When Sirens Are Activated

These sirens are used to warn citizens of approaching and immediate danger. The sirens are sounded in situations of severe weather directly threatening the City of Saginaw, and in most situations, 1 of the following criteria must be present:

  • Rotation in a dangerous cloud formation or a tornado
  • Significantly large and damaging hailstorm
  • Straight-line winds approaching 70 miles per hour or more
The decision to sound the sirens is a judgment call made by a Fire Department officer with the primary goal of protecting all citizens and attempting to provide advance warning of a dangerous situation. This judgment is made from information from several resources including:

  • Key personnel monitoring the event from positions throughout the city
  • Simultaneous monitoring of all of the local TV network's weather bulletins
  • The National Weather Service
  • The Tarrant County SKYWARN - RACES network with trained storm spotters positioned throughout the county providing real-time updates
  • 2 independent real-time weather radar systems
What to Do if the Sirens are Activated

If you hear the sirens while you are outside, please go inside and seek shelter immediately and refer to a television or radio for further information and instructions. Please do not attempt to contact the fire or police departments to inquire why the sirens are sounding. Call 9-1-1 only to report life-threatening situations.

Siren Testing

Audible siren testing is performed the first Wednesday of each month at approximately 1 pm to ensure the system is fully operational and to remind residents about the system and how it works. The sirens are not tested on days that display the potential for a weather-related event.